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  1. To identify and organize the disadvantaged people in group for the improvement o their living standard.
  2. To facilitate organized group members in raising their social awareness and enable them to find out root causes of poverty and hunger.
  3. To establish human right especially for the women and children and reduce violence and discrimination.
  4. To make a Safety communication and sustainable environment.
  5. To eradicate the literacy by formal and non-formal education.
  6. To aware the Gender development and their rights establishment.
  7. To promote planned families, reducing maternal, child morality and morbidity
  8. To improve the awareness of the poor about their deprivation and exploitation through legal aid training.
  9. To promote sustainable agriculture, crops production and nursery development
  10. To ensure Water & Sanitation facilities to the target people
  11. To improve the socio-economic status of the target groups by developing the habit of savings, providing skill training and Micro Credit support
  12. To provide relief and rehabilitation supports to the disaster people during natural calamities.